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Alex and kids at Ft DeSota Park welcoming new year 2021



  • Seek out images that attract your heart, not your mind. Resist what you've been taught about the technically 'perfect picture.' Establish a connection to your subject from deep inside you. Capture what your heart says will stay with you long after most aspects of the moment are forgotten.

  • Don't let the image center on where you are or what you were expecting to find. Seek the image reflective of your sensory reaction to what you're seeing...what the scene/subject is genuinely arousing deep within you.

  • It is not enough for your image to merely describe something. It must make your viewer feel something, ponder something, walk away with something.

  • Look at the scene in front of you and become aware of what your eye keeps coming back to. Listen closely to what the scene is calling to your heart.

  • Your camera cannot separate the stillness from the chaos in the scene before you. It just sees what is there. Only you, the photographer, can frame and capture the true subject by setting distractions aside.

  • An image without a relationship, one bereft of emotion, is like a man without a soul. 

  • The image of a tiny subject in beautiful lighgt far surpases an entire scene shot in dull light.

  • Find a setting that would lend itself to creating a unique image, then set yourself in a comfortable place and wait for something to happen. 

  • A background without a subject is like a morning without a sunrise. Invite the subject in.

  • When you arrive at a scene, look around to identify the 'climatic image,' (the final scene in the  movie,) then photograph other subjects/scenes that support lead up to the finale.

Explore the world and self by blending creative photography and Nature around and within.

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