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Ecopsychology: The basis of

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Plants abundant in Nature connect us to universal webstrings of love

We have the capacity to create our own stories...stories that are genuinely about us. We have the power to turn our own pages. We have the ability to live our own tales.And it's our choice to write them anew. Break free of the false grip of other people's stories. Begin to express your life in your own words. Embrace your own truths. Start right now! ~jcbrittain


Reconnect to the felt sensations of your inborn widom. They are evolved memories earnestly awaiting conscious thought. Bring forth these wise stories eager to guide you. Listen closely and heed their wisdom. They are pointing the genuine way to enhanced wellness and joy.


Is there a scientific basis for valuing your intuitive senses over language and logic? YES! Many psychologist are finding evidence that our best decision-making may come from wandering off the path of logic and reason, and listen to the guidance of evolved wisdom. What may look like a reasoning error from a purely logical perspective just might be highly intelligent, inborn knowing. Good intuition can take us to a genuinely healthy place beyond the logical information given.

Nature Visioning™, a process I created to reveal genuine self, is a journey guided by authentic Nature...around and within...based on proven ecopsychology principles and personal explorations of self designed to enhance wellness and joy through:

  • Deeper communion with Earth, others, and self

  • Desire to erase cultural blinds of perception to reveal genuine desires

  • Enjoyment of creative, experiential activities in nature

  • Attraction to 'genuine unity' with Nature through heart-to-heart connections

  • Wish for more nurturing and rewarding relationships to life


The goal of all Nature Visioning™ offerings is to enliven the mutually supportive and inherently healing powers of universal energy through deeper connections to Nature.


Participation in individual and/or group indoor and outdoor nature-reconnecting activities using effective, tested applied ecopsychology practices. Small groups or individuals...guided and self-directed.


  • Awakens the heart through experiencing, caring, and sharing.

  • Stimulates sensory awareness, creativity, and compassion.

  • Expands human/other interactions with Nature...around and within.

  • Fosters more loving relationships with Earth, others, and self.

Peacesful prayer to honor life in the garden


When we live in harmonious balance with Nature, we encourage health, contentment, and joy as a vital part of a thriving, vigorous Earth. Much of our planet’s continuing degradation, stress, and over-consumption stems from disconnection to this universal truth. Only by reconnecting to the guidance of our inborn senses can we reverse our debilitating disorders, and re-establish a healthy balance with all things. And our most trustable guide to balance is our own sensory wisdom within us

Unfortunately, we have been conditioned by modern society to heed only our learned skills of language and logic rather than inborn wisdom, a form of nature’s love that has sentiently supported all life on Earth for millions of years. In the few hundred years we have lived indoors, our connections to this wisdom has been lost, so much so that we have developed such dysfunctional behaviors as alcoholism, aggression, loneliness, and depression to cope with a nagging, unexplained  ‘missingness’ in our lives.

When we take time to reconnect to our internal wisdom, we begin to "think like nature works” (Cohen, 1998), and relate to the world in the present moment, bringing our inborn ‘being’ into harmony with ‘thinking’ manifested by logic and interpreted through language. Awakening intuitive wisdom rewards us with good feelings that can guide us on a journey to lifelong wellness and joy.

Thoreau called it the Art of God; Gautama Buddha called it Awakening; Jesus called it the Home of God; Hindu peoples called it Atman; Jews addressed it as Adonai; Emerson termed it the Oversoul; Einstein called it a mystery unexplained; Muslims worshipped it as Allah; I call it Nature! 

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