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Mud Wars,
St. Petersburg

Getting dirty with Tampa Bay Club Sport at the America II Extreme Mud Wars Teams of 6-10 compete in 8 events filled with MUD & WATER, for the highest overall score.

4 mud wars_man_4 thumbs_FLT.jpg
5 mud wars girl volleyball FLT.jpg
7 mud wars_man obstacles flying_FLT.jpg
9 mud wars_girl obstacles blue wall_FLT.
3 mud wars_tough guys_FLT.jpg
2 mud wars_two girls_FLT.jpg
8 mud wars_blond obstacles_FLT.jpg
12 mud wars_girl knees mud_FLT.jpg
10 mud wars girl net_FLT 2.jpg
14 mud wars_man tugowar_FLT.jpg
13 mud wars_girl rope pink_FLT.jpg
15 mud wars_girl black suit
6 mud wars_girl ball_FLT.jpg
11 mud wars_man red shorts fall_FLT.jpg
16 mud wars_girl hose back_FLT.jpg

Where Fun Isn't Measured On The Scoreboard!


Tampa Bay Club Sport (TBCS) (organizer of Mud Wars) was created in 1995 for young-minded adults to enjoy social sports. From sport leagues to happy hours to special sporting events, over 30,000 active young professionals a year can do it all with TBCS.

Club Sport is Tampa Bay's largest provider of social sports leagues. We make sure you get involved, stay active, and meet new people.


Have fun in a friendly atmosphere. Visit our FAQ page for answers to all your Club Sport questions! Club Sport leagues can also be found in the Sarasota (SoCo Club Sport,) and Miami and Ft. Lauderdale (South Florida Club Sport). Also, youth sports (Club Sport Kids), corporate events (Club Sport Corporate Events), and traveling soccer tournaments (Soccer Six Florida). Plus check out our home bar - Rec Dec St. Pete! More at!

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