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Art and craft of explorating self through ecopsychology combined with photography for deeper sensory connections to Nature around and within us.


Nature Visioning is a website that combines Ecopsychology and Photography for discoveries of self

Value of blending Nature with Expressive Photography:

  • Arouse ancient, inborn sensory wisdom

  • Meld rational thoughts and intuitive feelings

  • Reconnect to Nature's gentle love

  • Enhance compassionate bonds with all that's around and within 

Monarch Butterfly: Explore the world and self by blending creative photography with Nature around and within

The stresses of modern living distort our thinking and send us off in pursuit of things we don't genuinely desire. Quiet time in Nature brings clarity to this confusion by helping us restore harmony and balance to our lives.

From desire to conviction:

The most memorable moments in life are those that generate a multitude of good feelings around and within. Nature Visioning is a process of arousing senses for lifelong wellness and joy.

The most powerful images connect to viewers, arousing their inborn wisdom to seek and reveal what they genuinely desire for enhancing wellness and joy.

A seed planted in the ground draws unto itself all that it needs to prosper. An idea planted in your mind will do the same. Clearly picture what you desire in your mind's eye, and then trust your innate wisdom to show you the path to get there. Fully immerse yourself in your desires. Sustain them, nourish them, and love them until your wisdom penetrates the false stories blocking you from attaining them. With time, your desires will germinate into convictions, and then blossom into reality.

All images on this site are copyright protected. All rights reserved. 2021. You may not copy, download, save, or reproduce any image without written consent of JCBrittain.

Explore the world and self by blending creative photography with ecopsychology, the way to genuine Nature around and within us

Embrace creativity with images captured through WISDOM'S EYE:

  • Master the art of artful seeing

  • Explore who you were born to be

  • Arouse what you genuinely need for enhanced wellness and joy

Build new paths to a fulfilled life

Arouse your artistic self

Embrace expressive photography

Enhance wellness and joy

Young girl touched by the spirit of Ghandi at Dali Museum, St Petersburg, FL

Expressive photography comes through arousing connections with nature, then using the camera to capture images of the 'webstrings' that connect all things in the Universe.

J Christina Brittain, PhD, is founder of Nature Visioning that combines ecopsychology and photography for discoveries of self

J. Christina Brittain, PhD

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